More About Dara

Her Book

Dara wrote a book titled “How to Prevent Autism” on her experience using natural medicine to successfully prevent autism in her second child. She interviewed some of the most well known doctors, nutritionists, and nurses that use integrative medicine to treat children and help them recover their health as well as techniques to prevent many of the different chronic illnesses.  Dara also included a few chapters on all the things a woman can do different before and during her pregnancy to lower the chances of her child developing a chronic illness.

Dara's Podcast

After writing her book, she started a podcast Every Choice Counts o deliver timely information on integrative medicine in an easy to understand format to try to reach many more people. Dara is extremely passionate about holistic ways to heal.

Help with other Doctors Protocols

Many times doctors in the integrative field give patients very lengthy protocols that can sometimes be confusing.  Dara can help you figure out where to start, how often to introduce a new supplement or food, how to shop and cook for a particular diet and help you trouble shoot any issues with the protocol.

Volunteer Work

Dara also volunteered for the National Autism Association for 6 years where she planned educational events with leading doctors to help parents find new therapies to help their child. She started several support groups in the NYC are for families who have a child with autism and planned a conference for physicians to attend for their CPE credit at Beth Israel Medical Center to learn more about treating children with autism.


Dara holds a certificate from the Institute for Integrative Medicine in health coaching and also completed a more intensive program specifically geared towards treating children with chronic illness from Epidemic Answers.

Dara Berger